Project Staffing and Recruiting Services

CASEA Careers

At CASEA, we are committed to establishing professional relationships based on mutual trust and respect. We understand that the best success comes when we take into account the personal and professional goals of our consultants and candidates.

We seek consultants to join our CASEA Projects team, as well as, candidates for full-time employment with our search clients.

To be considered as a project consultant, you should be committed to project work as a career and have a commitment to delivering excellent client service.  We distinguish our company from our competitors by employing project consultants who share our vision:

  • We value experience: We employ a diverse team of experienced professionals in accounting, finance, project management, training, and professional development.
  • We value flexibility: One of the key rewards of a career in project work is the flexibility to decide what projects fit your needs and interests. We expect you to have a life outside of work! In turn, project work by nature requires a high degree of personal and professional flexibility from you, as each client and engagement are unique. Some projects will stretch your experience and give you exposure to senior level management, while others require that you execute in a support role to best serve the team and project needs.
  • We value commitment: We know that our consultant team is the primary asset of our company. We want to build lasting relationships and be your employer of choice. From our consultants, we expect commitment to all phases of the project, including the client result.
  • Respect and integrity are founding principles: We strive to make good business decisions that benefit our clients and consultants, and know that in return we will more than achieve the goals we have for our company.

If your interest is in pursuing a full-time role with one of our client companies, please submit a resume, or reach out to us via email at Our first step is to initiate contact and have a brief discussion regarding your interests, the immediacy of your search, and an overview of your experience. We then determine how best to proceed—either to a formal interview or to just keep in touch as opportunities arise.

We respect your time and privacy. We will never send out your information to any contact without your permission. In addition, we only discuss candidate profiles with our clients after we have had a chance to personally meet and interview a candidate.